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Isaiah Institute of New Orleans Services offers services dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals through faith led initiatives.  We are dedicated to empowering individuals and families through intervention tactics and granting access to faith-community special services thus enhancing the quality of life for both youth and the adult population. Our services are built on the foundation that all people should be granted access to community based programs that foster a nurturing,caring and peaceful environment.

Icons for Peace

Participation as an Icon is an opportunity to deepen communication and leadership skills through learning and practice.

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of self

  • Learning skills for resiliency and self-empowerment

  • Reducing prejudice and healing the trauma due to violence

  • Putting skills to use with peacemaking organizations and projects

Participants receive year-round training and participate in retreat gatherings and other workshops throughout

New Orleans.

As part of the program, participants are supported in creating peace projects in their communities. Current activities include intercultural and interfaith in facilitating youth dialogues.


NOLA Interfaith Peace Initiative
Over 50 communities of faith created a new collaborative to deliver and celebrate their covenant that will usher peace into New Orleans.  Congregations and churches are committed to defeat the greatest challenge of our time— violence in our City. These faith-based community has made a promise to New Orleans to invest collectively in peace and prosperity. 
For more information, please visit the site at
Street Peace


Our primary objective is to develop relationships between black and brown families beginning with opportunities for dialogue among mothers, and among youth, the principal stakeholders. We believe these primary stakeholders will identify new and innovative ways to promote healing, co-existence, mutual interest and peace. We believe that mothers are the ’stakeholders’ with the purest intent, the most sensitivity and the most absolute resolve fueled by unconditional love. The mothers’ dialogue is an important and often overlooked starting point for addressing family and community issues. We accept as truth that most mothers have the same basic desire to protect their children and raise them in a safe and peaceful environment.

Youth & Young Adult Incubator


Although inspired by a discussion between youth and young adult leaders in Isaiah Institute’s Icons for Peace to serve the needs of young unemployed and struggling entrepreneurs, the incubator has evolved into an essential tool serving the needs of returning citizens (formerly incarcerated citizens) and their families as well. In 2017 the Isaiah Institute’s partnerships with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the Orleans Justice Center has produced a constant flow of returning citizens and their families to our offices and the incubator. The incubator served nearly half (175) of the returning citizens with resume planning and job searches in 2016.

Criminal Justice & Re-Entry Program


Through an active partnership and support from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development the Isaiah Institute of New Orleans provides organizing training and technical assistance to the St. Vincent De Paul’s re-entry organizing project, which is a five state initiative of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development designed to serve the needs of returning citizens (formerly incarcerated citizens) and their families. Since beginning this partnership in 2016 IINO has trained hundreds of Vincentians (members if St. Vincent de Paul) and returning citizens and families in methodologies and organizing strategies designed to bring about policy and institutional change and reform to a system that adversely affect returning citizens and our communities.


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